Products useful for the postpartum woman
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Products useful for the postpartum woman

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Postpartum is a very bittersweet period in a woman’s life. On the one hand, the time after childbirth is a moment of great joy and delight in the newborn baby, on the other hand it is a very difficult moment for the female body. Pregnancy and childbirth are extremely exhausting experiences, after which the body needs to recover. See what products you need during the postpartum period

Hygiene products

Hygiene during confinement is extremely important. Wounds after childbirth are incredibly prone to infections, which can be very dangerous. The basis, of course, is the appropriate gynecological fluid prescribed by the doctor. For washing intimate areas, a water bottle with a so-called “spout” is very useful, which will allow you to gently spread the washing solution over the sensitive areas

Also very useful are products that protect your clothes and bedding from blood. Bleeding in the first few days after giving birth is normal, but it can be a nuisance. Sanitary towels and anatomical pads will protect your underwear, clothes, furniture and bed linen from stains and from the effort of having to wash them. In addition, underwear pads help maintain the hygiene of intimate areas

Cooling compresses, anesthetic gels and healing aids

Intimate areas after childbirth, especially if there is a tear or incision in the tissue, can be very sensitive and painful. To minimize swelling and pain in the first few days after delivery, you may want to purchase a cooling gel pack and a gel with anesthetic properties. Ask your doctor or midwife about the specific anesthetic gel or cream you can use, for example if you are breastfeeding

A cool compress can be useful not only for relieving perineal pain, but also for cooling your breasts when you are breastfeeding. These remedies can give you tremendous postpartum relief and help you enjoy early motherhood more.

If you’ve given birth by caesarean section or have suffered an incision, tear or abrasion during a natural birth, you’ll also find a healing cream or ointment useful to promote healing. These products will make the wound healing process much faster, less painful, and the scar after the incision is likely to be “prettier”. Ask your doctor or your midwife about the specific product you can use, of course.

A special cushion for sitting after a natural birth

A postpartum seat cushion is shaped like a tire and helps relieve the pain you may feel in the first few days after giving birth. This cushion is made of polystyrene foam, so it is quite rigid and stable, but it is also lightweight, so you will be able to carry it around as much as you like at times when lifting is highly inadvisable. Such a cushion can make your life much easier, as it allows you to sit without putting pressure on delicate and sore areas

A home remedy that your friends may recommend to you is to sit on an inflatable swimming wheel. Sitting on the wheel is not recommended by doctors, however, because the wheel is softer and sitting on it can stretch already strained tissues even more

Childbirth is a moment you look forward to throughout the nine months of pregnancy. It’s the first opportunity to meet your little one you’ve been so looking forward to. Unfortunately, a difficult postpartum period can greatly obscure the joy of being with your baby. With a few products, you can make this period significantly easier and save yourself from unnecessary pain or discomfort

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