The body after childbirth – what will change?
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The body after childbirth – what will change?

The body changes a lot after childbirth. Many women are surprised, especially by the many ailments that arise. So what can be expected during this period?

A woman, getting pregnant, focuses mainly on the baby she is carrying under her heart. She reads numerous books, newspapers, watches tips on how to take care of the offspring and how her life will look like once it comes into the world. However, many new mothers do not realize how much their body changes after giving birth and how many ailments may appear. And it is not only about the excess kilograms, which are a common cause of later complexes. It is worth knowing what to expect and how to remedy it so that you can peacefully enjoy motherhood and at the same time feel good in your body

Urinary incontinence – a common ailment

Urinary incontinence often occurs already during pregnancy. Then the baby presses on the organs, including the bladder, and involuntary leakage can occur. Many women are convinced that the problem goes away with the arrival of the offspring into the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. After a natural childbirth, the problem may even get worse. It is enough to sneeze, lift something heavy or laugh louder for your underwear to become wet. This is not only uncomfortable but also very embarrassing, some moms even try to limit social contact because of it

Why does a problem with incontinence occur after childbirth? After childbirth, the Kegel muscles, or pelvic floor muscles responsible for supporting the organs inside the abdominal cavity, are weakened. The ligaments that support part of the urinary system are also loosened. Postpartum incontinence is more common in women who have had large babies (over 4 kg) and in whom the doctor has used a vacuum or forceps. In addition, extra kilograms must be taken into account.

Sometimes the problem with involuntary leakage of urine passes after the puerperium. It is a good idea to do Kegel muscle exercises, which involve squeezing and relaxing the perineum (several times for a few seconds each). Physical activity is also key – walks, light gymnastics and a healthy, balanced diet (rich in fiber to avoid constipation, which can aggravate the problem). In 2/3 of women thanks to such self-discipline the problem disappears, however, sometimes it is necessary to visit a doctor and undertake specialist treatment

Hemorrhoids – a painful ailment

It happens that even a few months after childbirth women struggle with hemorrhoids, that is varicose veins of the anus. Many women hope that the problem will go away by itself, which rarely happens. Hemorrhoids, or bleeding nodules, appear in the anus usually as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, constipation or poor diet. Also, hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body when she is pregnant promote the appearance of this ailment

So if pain occurs while using the toilet, and you notice blood on the toilet paper – it is necessary to visit a specialist. The sooner – the better. Many times it happens that pharmacological treatment and rubbing is enough. In case of advanced hemorrhoids it will be necessary to remove them surgically, with sclerotherapy or laser

Swollen breasts after childbirth and injured nipples

A few days after giving birth, many moms struggle with swollen, painful and sensitive to touch breasts. This is all because they are beginning to produce milk for the baby. So before lactation normalizes, it is worthwhile to put the offspring to the breast as often as possible and make cold compresses.

In the case of persistent affliction, cabbage compresses and drinking sage infusion may also help. After a few days everything should return to normal. However, if you feel lumps, and the breasts are still very painful, it is a sign that the inflammation of the mammary gland may have occurred. Therefore, it is then advisable to see a doctor who will order the appropriate treatment.

Breastfeeding moms also very often have injured nipples, which are very painful, sometimes even bleeding. In that case you should lubricate them with your own milk and use preparations available at the pharmacy. The reason for sore nipples is that a newborn baby is often just learning to suck on the breast and at first does this incorrectly. Fortunately, proper care should help, otherwise special breast pads can be used. You can read more about them here

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