How to promote healing of a cesarean section scar?
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How to promote healing of a cesarean section scar?

Typically, a cesarean incision is about fifteen centimeters long. The wound heals for the first few weeks after surgery, although in some cases, discomfort such as swelling and pain may accompany even for months afterwards. During this period, proper care plays a particularly important role, which accelerates the healing of the scar and makes it less visible.

The first days after delivery – pay special attention to the dressing

Unfortunately, a C-section always leaves behind a scar. It can not be avoided, but proper care can accelerate healing and significantly improve the appearance of the skin. In the first few days after delivery, attention should be paid primarily to the dressing. After delivery, the wound is sutured, but if insoluble sutures were used, they will be removed eight days after the procedure. During this time, you should wear a sterile dressing and change it regularly. The new mother should keep an eye on the condition of the dressing and change it regularly, for example, if it gets wet.

Fresh wound after C-section – how to take care of it?

Of course, it is a truism to say that the basis for caring for a fresh wound after cesarean should be impeccable hygiene. Every time you change the bandage, you should wash the wound – the best way to do this is with 70% spirit or antiseptic gel and clean gauze pads. Once the stitches are removed, you will be able to use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser to wash; intimate hygiene gels are excellent for this purpose and are much friendlier to the skin than regular soap. However, if you’re already using soap, choose a grey one that doesn’t have too many artificial, irritating additives. Of course, you should take care of the hygiene of the whole body, otherwise you can transfer dangerous dirt on your hands, for example. It is worth choosing loose, airy underwear that does not compress the abdomen.

After the stitches are removed, you may find that the scar bleeds slightly; at the holes where the threads were removed. If this happens, you should continue to gently wash them with a spirit or antiseptic gel.

Creams and ointments to speed up wound healing

In pharmacies you can buy special creams and ointments that will accelerate the healing of the scar. It is worth remembering that you can start using them only after the wound is already cured. Regular use of good quality products of this type will not make the scar disappear completely, but it will improve its appearance significantly. It will be paler, less visible, flattened. When applying creams and ointments to scars, it is a good idea to do so by gently massaging the skin – in small, circular motions along the cut. This way you also help prevent scarring; a condition manifested by excessive growth of tissue at the site of the scar. It is worth using similar cosmetics regularly, and if in doubt, consult your doctor.

What else can I do to speed up wound healing after a c-section?

In addition to the methods described above, there are several other issues that you should pay attention to in order to make the healing process of a scar after cesarean take place quickly and efficiently, and the trace was as less visible as possible. Many experts indicate that the first few hours and days after delivery are crucial. The rapid verticalization of the mother after delivery has a beneficial effect on the wound. As early as eight hours after giving birth, it is worthwhile for her to try to stand up and walk. This should minimize the risk of thrombosis and adhesions. Despite proper care, the scar after cesarean section is a nuisance for many women, disfigures and takes away self-confidence. If this is a bothersome problem for you and there are no contraindications, you can consider using aesthetic medicine treatments, such as laser treatments.

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