The Best Colors for Kids in 2022
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The Best Colors for Kids in 2022

There are many things that you have to take into consideration when you’re choosing the best colours for kids in 2022. What colour do you want your kids to wear? Should their wardrobe be bold or simple? Does it make sense to stick with the same colours from year to year, or does that seem boring? The answers depend on where your kids will be wearing the clothes, and what kind of statement you want them to make about themselves, their taste, and their personality.

Rainbow-Based Color Schemes

Clothing for children is one of the most important garments in fashion. For parents, finding clothes that are stylish and affordable can be challenging. It is possible to ensure that your child’s wardrobe is on-trend by choosing colours that are popular each season. Although the colours that are popular for kids change every year, there are always a few shades that stand out. In 2022, these colours will be the best for kids. It is a trend among parents to outfit their children in colour schemes. By using these strategies, you will know what colours mix well together and can dress quickly when you don’t have much time before school pickup or work. Despite many clothing items consisting of primary colours such as red, blue, yellow and green; browns and greys will still work well in different combinations with them, depending on how saturated or bright they are.

Pastel Color Schemes

According to the latest colour trends, the best colours for kids in 2022 will be pastels. These colours are soft and calming, perfect for little ones who are constantly on the go. Additionally, they will look great in photos! Here are some of our favourite pastel colour schemes for kids’ clothing. 

Pale green with white 

• Soft blue with yellow 

• Rose pink with mint green 

• Bright yellow with blue 

These combinations make for a refreshing palette that’s perfectly suited for babies through pre-teens alike. And when it comes to dressing your little one, there’s no need to worry about matching their clothes- pastels mix and match beautifully. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a few pieces today and bring the joy of these trending colours into your child’s life!

Darker Color Schemes

The trend recently has been towards darker colour schemes in children’s rooms. Darker colour schemes are both stylish and practical because they make dirt and stains less visible. Beyond that, these same colours can make a small room feel cosier. When thinking about painting your child’s room, experiment with these favourite colours. Keep your child’s preference in mind when choosing the colour of your event; there are several options such as deep purple, midnight blue, and forest green. Typically, boys prefer brighter, more vivid colours. In addition, parents tell us that kids change their preferences frequently, so you should always get a sense of what they like before starting.

Brighter Color Schemes

Parents want to move beyond muted and pastel colours. Colour schemes for kids will return to brighter hues by 2022. The colours hot pink, electric blue, and neon green will make your child stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, bolder colour schemes will showcase their personality as well. Neon colours were considered too flashy and aggressive by some people, while black or dark blue clothing was considered to be a better way to conceal children’s identities.

Blue and Yellow Color Scheme

According to the colour trends over the past few years, blue and yellow will be the most popular colours for kids’ clothing in 2022. Combining blue and yellow on a child’s outfit looks fresh and modern. Blue and yellow clothing has been featured in celebrities and high-end fashion magazines. Colours such as these make children feel youthful, energetic, and happy, which is important when choosing their clothes. As children grow, they start to consider other factors besides comfort when choosing what to wear; this colour scheme, however, ensures that you will never have to worry about something not matching or not fitting.


As we begin the new year, it’s time to think about what colours will be popular for kids’ clothing in the coming months. While some colours never fade, others come and go along with the trends. Kids’ clothing style preferences in 2020 were pastels and neons. Later, teal colours are expected to overtake these fads. Visit Kids for clothing if you are looking to buy clothes for your kids.

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