Instagram – the fake life, or fake social media creations and their impact on society
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Instagram – the fake life, or fake social media creations and their impact on society

Instagram is used by over a billion active users every month. Every day at least 500 million people browse the application, moving to the world of photos, videos and reports shared by friends, business profiles or popular influencers. Unfortunately, this is associated with many unfavorable phenomena, which we write about below.

Instagram – 1 step away from the magical world

Setting up an account on Instagram takes a while – in fact, you can even combine it with your Facebook profile, after all, it’s a social network belonging to the same company. Operation of the application is trivial and is largely limited by sliding your finger across the screen. On Instagram there is always something to see, because even when we go through all the news from the profiles we have observed, with one click we can move to the content that is trending and that the algorithm suggests based on past activity.

In order to add content to the profile on your own, all you need is a smartphone with a good camera. For example, Apple iPhone devices, equipped with an excellent camera, are recommended. You can find their ranking at:

Instagram seems to be an environment full of interesting content. It is on it that celebrities share their privacy and friends brag about where they travel, what they eat and what they wear. It is a social network with an eminently lifestyle character. Do you feel good there? An apt question. It turns out that Instagram – a kind of bubble of luxury, beauty and carefreeness – is the cause of serious disorders for many people.

A report that reveals the brutal reality

“Wall Street Journal” arrived at a classified report of Facebook, which in 2020 presented the results of a study on the impact of Instagram on its users. The internally reported data is shocking. According to the study, as many as 32% of teenage girls feel bad about their own bodies, and Instagram content is the cause. The revealed report also mentions teenagers from the UK and the US declaring that the beginning of problems leading to suicidal thoughts was actually the use of Instagram.

You can shrug your shoulders at these reports and say: it doesn’t concern me, I’m distanced from it all. But if every third teen in the study feels bad about her body because she compares it to the bodies seen on the mobile app, something has gone wrong. Such a world is not okay. But it’s hard to blame the app developers alone when it’s the app’s users who create and evaluate the content.

The problem and the tragic consequences

Analyze what your friends and top, most popular celebrities are adding to their profiles. On at least some of their accounts, you’ll see the illusion of a perfect world. One in which a man or woman always looks impeccable – slim, strong, smiling. In designer clothes, expensive restaurants and intimidating cars. Instagram gives the illusion that you too can live lightly, easily and pleasantly. This is where the phenomenon of female influencers and influencers was born. Some of them live (on a very high level) only thanks to revealing their privacy and cooperation with the brands they advertise.

And somewhere at the end are the recipients – young people who are just learning the world, not grasping the thin line between creation and reality. When there is so much content that it overwhelms, one can fall into complexes. Research shows that this happens disturbingly too often. You can find other interesting articles about new technologies, apps and their impact on reality in the blog section at

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