What should be the perfect backpack for a first grader?
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What should be the perfect backpack for a first grader?

The backpack is the most important element of the school kit. Which model should I choose so that it is practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time?

Weight – the most important criterion for choosing a backpack

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the excessive weight of backpacks filled with school supplies and books. It may contribute to the development of posture defects, so a parent should pay special attention to this aspect. There are no legal standards for how heavy a backpack should be. However, it is considered that the appropriate weight of the accessory is 10% of the weight of the student, and the most 15%. For example: the backpack of a child weighing 20 kg should not be heavier than 3 kg. When choosing a backpack, you need to remember that it will be filled with a lot of items, so it is advisable to choose a model that weighs about 1 kg.

Reflectors for child safety

When choosing a backpack for a first-grader, it is worth to pay attention to models with reflectors. The reflectors should be placed both in the back and in the front to increase the child’s safety after dark. Reflectors can be bought and decorated with them on your own – tags attached to the zipper will work, but a Velcro band will also be suitable. A glowing element will improve the child’s visibility on the road and thus contribute to safety. In winter, it gets dark around 4-5 p.m., so a backpack with a reflector is a must.

Capacity and size of the backpack

For a first grade student, the backpack should have a capacity of at least 10 liters. The backpack has to accommodate not only books, pencil cases and notebooks, but also a lunchbox and PE outfit. It is important that the backpack can accommodate A4 format, so that the student can easily put a drawing pad into it. The number of pockets and compartments should also be taken into consideration. It’s a good idea to choose a backpack with a place for a bottle, which reduces the risk of spilling the books and makes it easier to access water. It may be useful to have an extra pocket for a sandwich, especially if your child carries a lunch wrapped in paper only. Two compartments are enough to separate notebooks and books, making it easier to keep things organized.

Comfort features

It’s worth to choose from backpacks with a hip belt and a chest strap- such a model will fit better and prevent excessive load on your child’s shoulders. It is good if the child has the opportunity to try the bag before buying it. The upper edge of the accessory should be at shoulder height, and the lower edge should reach the pelvis. Of great importance for the comfort of the child are the suspenders, which should be wide, soft and adjustable. Thanks to that they will not cause any discomfort, and adjusting them to the growing child will turn out to be easy. It is worth to choose a backpack, which in the place of adhering to the back is made of material ensuring proper ventilation.

What else is worth paying attention to?

The backpack should have a stiffened bottom – thanks to that the accessory will be much more durable and will not get deformed under the weight of books. It is worth choosing among waterproof models, so that the notebooks and books are protected from damage. The child will also benefit from an additional small pocket for small items – such a solution will make it easier to keep the backpack tidy and find the necessary items. It’s worth choosing a model with a sign for the child’s signature.

Does the look of the backpack matter?

The design of the school backpack is important- for the parent it may not matter a lot, but it is worth letting the child choose exactly the design they want. Nowadays the offer is diverse. A fan of any sport will find the perfect backpack, as well as an animal lover. There are models decorated in a delicate way, for example with a geometric motif. The offer is also rich in solid color models, which will appeal to many girls and boys.

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