What to keep in mind when organizing a carnival party for children?
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What to keep in mind when organizing a carnival party for children?

The carnival is the time of unadulterated fun which is a great opportunity to get away from reality. Even the youngest eagerly await the opportunity to put on their festive outfits and start the carnival madness with their closest friends.

How to start organizing?

Although up to now the carnival parties were organized by schools and kindergartens, this time it is the parents who have to carry the burden of responsibility for an unforgettable evening for their children. The global pandemic has effectively verified our plans and caused most public events to move to our homes. The situation is no different for popular carnival balls organized in local kindergartens. However, as it turns out, to provide your children with an unforgettable evening, you do not need the help of the educational staff at all.

First of all, a home carnival party is a great opportunity to diversify your children’s time. Thanks to this you will avoid the situation in which your child spends another Saturday evening in front of the TV screen. However, in order for your plan to succeed, you need to start by properly planning the attractions.

Guest list

It’s a well-known fact that elementary school and kindergarten students are among the choosiest organizers. Therefore, the guest list should be prepared with due care and understanding of the often complicated collegial relationships. So start your preparations with the invitations. Together with your child, start by composing the guest list, and then together create colorful and above all glittery invitations. To give the whole thing a bit of gravitas, you might be tempted to send the cards by mail.

Making the outfits

If you already know who will appear on the guest list, it’s a good idea to plan a suitable outfit. In view of the current situation, it is best to bet on timeless elegance. In the case of boys, the situation is quite simple – a well-tailored shirt and pants will suffice. However, when it comes to girls, you should keep in mind that choosing the right dress is a much bigger and more complicated undertaking. It is best to bet on proven formal dresses. Thanks to them, every girl will feel like a real princess, and you will gain confidence that the purchased outfit can be used for other occasions as well.

Since most of the stores are currently closed, you need to plan your dress or shirt purchase well in advance. In this case, it is best to bet on proven brands, such as Rebelki, which offer a wide selection of high-quality outfits at attractive prices. Besides, by choosing to shop on this site, you are also assured that you are investing in a Polish company and thus supporting local business. When it comes to their dresses for girls, the best choice for a carnival party are original models with gold or lace embellishments that will make the whole outfit a bit more elegant.

Fun and attractions

To make sure that the party you organize will remain in the memory of your minor guests for a long time, try to plan engaging games. A proven way to have fun is face painting. Order special paints and stencils and together with your children create fanciful masks and patterns. In addition, you can also bet on physical activities that will effectively move the company. One of the irreplaceable carnival classics is the game of musical chairs. All you have to do is choose the right repertoire and set up some chairs and the kids will join in the fun.

This type of event is also a great opportunity to create unforgettable souvenirs. To make the photos from this evening even more special, organize a small photo corner with your children. Together prepare beautiful decorations and with the help of stick-on moustaches and funny hats organize a carnival photo session.

Photo: by: samaraagenstvo feeria, source: pexels.com

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