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How do you transport a child on a bicycle?

Traveling by bike with a child, who has not yet started to ride independently, can be pleasant and interesting. The basic thing is to take care of the child’s safety.

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We’re having beautiful weather and you want to get out on the bike with your toddler? Nothing easier. You just need to know how to transport him safely. See what you should remember.

Children under 4 years old usually do not ride a bike alone. Nevertheless an adult can enjoy the ride together with a child. Although it is forbidden to carry a child on a carrier or, what is worse, on a bicycle frame! In order to transport a child safely, we must decide on an appropriate bike seat or trailer designed for riding with our child.

Bicycle seat#

A bicycle seat is the most popular way to transport a child who is not yet able to ride a bicycle by himself. We usually see that the seat is attached to the back of the bicycle. At first, riding with a child in a rear-facing seat may be difficult because the center of gravity is shifted to the rear, but the adult has more control over the vehicle.

Front-mounted seats are less common. And they have their advantages, because the child has a greater visibility and can admire the surroundings much better than it could do in a seat placed behind the parent’s back. Additionally, the adult has a closer contact and possibility of interaction with the child.

It should be remembered, however, that in such a way it is possible to transport our child only up to a certain weight limit. The driver has less leg room, and in case of a collision, the child is less safe. Deciding on the front seat, you should also install a windshield, which is designed to protect the toddler from the wind.

Baby trailer

A trailer for transporting a child is a more expensive solution, but much more comfortable and safer. First of all, such equipment perfectly absorbs vibrations. Secondly, it is more stable, although you still have to be very careful when cornering.

Another advantage is the comfort that the toddler has, being inside such a trailer. He will be able to change his position without any problem, and there will also be a place for toys or food. It is worth remembering that it is a solution not only for one child, but even for two

The seat will prove useful on longer trips and during naps. The adult gains enormous freedom of movement. Another plus is the fact that such a means of transport can serve for several years (the trailer can carry a child up to 8-9 years). The downside, however, is the size of the trailer, which takes up some space at home, as well as on the bike path. It is worth noting that the child should not only be fastened with a seat belt, in a bike trailer it is also mandatory.

How to safely carry a child? You should remember about it!

Before you set off on a trip with your child, you must make sure that he or she will be safe in their seat. A helmet should always be the basis! Check if the seat or the trailer is stable and well fixed to the bike. The toddler should not be able to reach any parts. Remember about reflectors! Adequate lighting on the bike is not enough. Mark the bike seat and trailer well.

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