What kind of lighting to put in a child’s room?
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What kind of lighting to put in a child’s room?

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Light in a child’s room is very important. You need to choose the right one, so that it is beneficial for him. Too strong can be disturbing and have a bad influence on the toddler’s concentration

Important basics when choosing lighting

The light in the children’s room should not be too intense. One should avoid the glare effect, i.e. too much focused light. It is good to choose a diffused source of light. It is good if it is covered, for example, with a milk-colored lampshade. You should also pay attention to safety issues. For this purpose you should buy a bulb that does not heat up too much. Also be careful with standing lamps because a child can easily knock them over. For this purpose, set the lighting in a good place, inaccessible to the toddler. For a younger child, a warm color of light is recommended. It is pleasant to the eye and makes it easier to relax and fall asleep

Sample suggestions

For your child’s room, you can choose smaller lamps, placed in different places. You can adjust them according to the type of activity. Choose a different light for playing and another for studying. Set very soft lighting near the bed. It is good to choose lamps with a dimming function. These will put your child in a state of rest. For example, you can use floor lamps for this purpose. Then you won’t have to use an overhead light that might be too strong. You can buy them, for example, at the Tomix online store. They have a large selection of lamps that you can use in different rooms. You can also find them in your child’s room.

Wall lamps are also a good option. These days they come in a variety of friendly designs. Those in the shape of clouds or stars look very good. You can also find versions resembling animals or balls. They will go well over a small child’s bed. They are also a great decoration that gives the atmosphere

An interesting solution are LED lights that have an automatic sensor. It starts the light when it is dark outside and turns it off when it is bright. This is a proven way to spend the night. If you leave the lamp running in the evening, it will only stop glowing in the morning. Plus, it saves electricity, so it’s an eco-friendly option

Learning lamp for an older child

If you have an older child, take care of the lighting in the place intended for studying. It is a good idea to place a lamp on the desk. It is helpful in doing homework or reading books. A badly chosen lamp or lack of it will have a negative impact on your child’s eyesight. Additionally, his concentration and posture will deteriorate. This type of lighting is also useful if your kid uses a computer for school. When placing the lamp on the desk, remember about its correct position. It should not be covered by anything. For a right-handed person, it is advisable to place the lamp on the left side. In this case the right color of light is the cold one. It helps while studying

In addition, you can buy a special bulb that allows you to adjust the color and intensity. Too weak a lamp will affect squinting of the eyes and bad posture. It is also important that the light falls uniformly on the entire desk surface. For this purpose, place the light sources at a suitable distance. You can choose adjustable lamps. Then you can easily move the light away and closer

You can find lights with interesting shapes and colors in many stores. These will make your child remember to turn them on by themselves. For children who are just starting out, you can choose those resembling various animals. Another interesting option are lamps in the shape of famous fairy tale characters. Modern models can be selected for any type of room

Main photo: Mael BALLAND, source: unsplash.com

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