How to bathe a toddler in a small bathroom?
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How to bathe a toddler in a small bathroom?

A small bathroom can be problematic when it comes to interior design. All the more inconvenient can be performing additional activities, such as bathing a child. Check how to bathe a toddler in a small bathroom.

When a child appears in the house, almost the entire space must be reorganized so as to adapt it to the toddler. This includes the bathroom. If you own a small bathroom and are wondering how to adapt it to make it comfortable and functional, you’ve come to the right place.

Instead of a big bathtub

In a small bathroom, a large bathtub will not always fit, and it is best to bathe a child in it. Therefore, a good solution are small shower trays, which you can buy together with a shower cubicle or separately. You can find a wide selection of these shower trays at Here you can be sure to find a shower tray that suits your needs in terms of size and shape. Ideally, you should opt for a high shower tray so that splashing is effectively reduced.

Folding baby baths

Initially, special baby bath buckets can be a good option, ensuring that the little ones stay in the right position. This is a suggestion especially for newborns. The child bathes in a sitting position, is immersed in water up to the neck, and the parent has more control over him.

This solution is ideal for small bathrooms as buckets do not take up much space but after a few months a child becomes too big to be bathed in them. This is when a folding bathtub works well. There are different types of bathtubs available on the market. For example, you can choose one with adjustable bottom depth. Its walls fold into an accordion, so when folded it is usually a few centimeters thick. So you can hide it in a closet. For slightly older babies, there are bathtubs that look like a folding box. They have high walls, but no bottom adjustment, so they’re not quite right for the youngest babies. However, they are even smaller when folded.

Inflatable tubs

If you have an electric pump, you can very quickly manage to fill such a tub with air. This one, when folded, definitely takes up the least amount of space. On the plus side, you can take it with you anywhere, so if you have to travel with your baby, you don’t have to worry about whether you will be able to bathe him on the spot.

Baby bath tubs on stands

This is a good solution especially for parents, because they care about their comfort – when bathing a child, you don’t have to bend over like over a traditional bathtub. Such bathtubs can also be folded and stored anywhere.

Keep it safe

For most children bathing is a lot of fun, but during water play they often change position, stand up, turn around and sit down. It is therefore very important to take proper care of their safety. Special anti-slip mats are very useful during bathing. The types are adapted to children, so you can be sure to find a mat that is not only practical but also fun for your child. For example, mats with fairy tale characters.

Remember that apart from the right place to bathe your baby, the accessories he or she will use are also important. Playing in water is one of the favorite activities for children, but not all of them like bathing, so toys may be an additional incentive for them. You can also introduce a small item into the bathroom to encourage your child to visit the bathroom. This could be a toothbrush cup with a favorite cartoon character or a shower curtain with a cartoon theme.

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