Weaning without stress – how to prepare for it?
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Weaning without stress – how to prepare for it?

Parents often feel pressured to wean their children as soon as possible. However, it is not worth giving in to this pressure and rushing the process. Remember that the child must first be ready for it, both physically and mentally.

How can you tell if your child is ready for weaning?

You may not notice the first signs until your child is 18 months old. The best time to learn to use the potty, however, is on your child’s 2nd birthday. There are many signs of readiness to potty train, including

  • stable sitting down and standing up,
  • independent walking,
  • increased bladder capacity (longer time with a dry diaper, min.2h),
  • awareness of defecation and signaling the need for it.

What do you need to learn to use the potty?

Of course, you need to invest in a potty first. It’s important that your child likes it so that he or she will be happy to sit on it. To buy a potty, it is best to go to the store with your child so that he can choose it himself

Some children do not tolerate potties, in which case a potty pad will work well. This gadget is also useful for children who have already learned to potty and want to start using the toilet. The potty pad is useful for learning:

  • a potty or toilet seat pad,
  • potty training books or a pee pee doll,
  • cute underpants to replace diapers,
  • a mat to protect the bed from getting wet.

How to help your child learn? Weaning without stress

1. Familiarize your child with a new activity

It’s a good idea to let your child observe how to use the toilet. Describe the activity and explain to your child what the toilet is for.

2. Talk to your toddler about diapers and the toilet

Books about the potty will be helpful. Your child will be able to become more familiar with the subject before learning it properly. He will not be afraid of such a change and will be eager to start trying on his own. Importantly, don’t forget to teach your child the right phrases to use to communicate his or her needs outside the home. They will come in handy, for example, in the nursery. It is not worth creating taboos, teach your toddler to name his genitals.

3. Get your child used to the potty

It is not a good idea to start learning without introducing a new object to your child. The toddler should first play with the potty, for example offer to make the teddy bear pee in it. The toddler can go on the potty with his clothes on at first, that way he’ll learn to sit on it and get up. He will practice basic skills and get used to the new position. When your child is ready, you can start practicing peeing on the potty without a diaper. Never force your child to sit on the potty, as this may discourage them from learning.

How to go about weaning step by step?

1. Put your child on the potty at a time when he usually does his business in a diaper. This can be right after waking up or after a meal.

2. Let him sit on the potty as long as he needs to. Never hold your baby down by force.

3. When your child manages to go on the potty, praise him. This will make it easier for your child to understand what the potty is for.

4. During the summer, let your child run around in the garden without a diaper, this way it will be easier for him to understand his physiology. After some time, he will signal his need on his own.

What mistakes shouldn’t be made?

First of all, do not force the toddler to sit on the potty. Do not bribe, blackmail or force him to sit on the potty. By doing so, you may create an aversion to the potty in your child and, as a result, he will not want to use it at all. Be sure to praise your child after every success

If your child goes potty while learning to use the potty, do not punish him, yell at him or show your displeasure. In such a situation, comfort your child and tell him that next time he will definitely succeed.

Main photo: Jamie Coupaud , source: unsplash.com

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